Leason Ellis works with creators of all types to protect original works of authorship. We advise clients across a wide variety of fields including advertising, architecture, fine art, software, entertainment, fashion, jewelry, photography, and publishing.

Contracts and Licenses

Our attorneys can help you lock-in ownership and strategically manage your IP assets and rights. We regularly negotiate and draft work-for-hire agreements and assignments. We also handle simple and complex licenses including character merchandise licenses and literary world licenses. Leason Ellis has extensive experience with software development and end-user agreements, as well as publishing agreements and reversion of rights.


Securing registration is critical to copyright enforcement efforts. Not only is registration typically a prerequisite for U.S. litigation, but prompt registration can entitle a litigant to statutory damages and attorney’s fees. This affords tremendous leverage that is frequently a game-changer in disputes. Copyright registrations can also be highly valuable to streamline on-line takedowns and Customs seizures.

Our team has experience registering copyrights for a wide variety of works and frequently assists clients in establishing regular registration programs. At Leason Ellis, we understand that it’s not simply a question of pushing applications “through.” We advise our clients on the nuances of the copyright application process so that the resulting registrations can withstand scrutiny. We know the ins-and-outs of filing under pseudonyms, registering software code and how to maximize the group registration options offered by the U.S. Copyright Office to reduce costs. We have significant experience navigating the appeal process and are adept at filing Supplementary Registrations when necessary to correct the record.

Our attorneys also advise clients on copyright registration overseas, particularly in China where copyright can be invaluable. We also help our clients record their registered rights with Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in the U.S.

Clearance and Strategic Advice

When it comes to copyright, we don’t just scratch the surface. We dig in deep. Leason Ellis attorneys have decades of experience advising clients on copyright law and strategy. We provide fair use analysis for new tech ventures. We work with retailers and manufacturers to clear proposed product designs and partner with our clients to help educate their internal business teams on best practices and risk mitigation. We have experience advising clients on complex ownership issues, copyright management information claims, termination of transfer and the Audio Home Recording Act.

We also work with clients to craft and prepare U.S. Copyright Act and Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) compliant notice-and-takedown policies and procedures, record their designated agents with the Copyright Office and develop website terms and conditions to protect clients from concerns raised by user-generated content.

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