Leason Ellis is home to attorneys and staff professionals who love intellectual property law. Sound funny? Go ahead and laugh—we do it all the time. IP law is an art that comes with years of practice rooted in dedication, experience, and even a bit of humor. Are we talking to you? Then read on to learn about our roots, the values we live by, and view the opportunities to join our team.

Our Roots

In 2008, David Leason and Ed Ellis left Darby & Darby, a large and venerable intellectual property firm in New York City, seeking to establish a new kind of IP boutique. Like them, almost all of our attorneys practiced at large firms in Manhattan before joining us here in White Plains, NY. Since we are located just north of the Big Apple, we gain significant savings in operating expenses that we are able to utilize in other areas of our business. In addition to offering significantly lower billing rates, we are able to invest in the latest technology, train our staff on the latest industry advances, and, when we find someone we really want to work with, hire all-stars from other top IP practices.

Our unique approach to building a business has allowed us to be more sensitive to our clients’ needs as well as responsive to their communications. Our strategic size encourages collegiality among attorneys and staff and works to the benefit of our clients, who gain the most from the teamwork we foster.

Today, we are one of the largest IP firms in the state outside of Manhattan and rated among the top New York law firms for our patent, trademark, and copyright services. Our broad array of clients range from Fortune 100 companies, to midsize and small companies, to start-ups, inventors and entrepreneurs. We protect the IP rights of domestic clients in the U.S. and abroad and, in turn, we directly represent many global companies in protecting their rights in the U.S. We also work on behalf of foreign law firms to develop and enforce their clients’ patent, trademark and copyright rights here.

You may be wondering about the meaning behind our apple tree logo. To us, it represents the perfect confluence of the three pillars of our practice. The falling apple connotes the insight of Sir Isaac Newton, whose spirit of inventiveness in conceiving the laws of gravity while seeing an apple fall from a tree infuses our patent practice. The distinctiveness of the logo serves as a unique source identifier for our trademark services, and the artistic originality of the design speaks to our copyright capabilities.

At Leason Ellis, we are inspired by insight. Whether you want to join our team or learn more about how we can apply original thinking to your IP needs, we invite you to contact us.

Our Values

These are the principles that define us, professionally and personally.

  1. Be smart, clear, and strategic
  2. Show up as yourself and be a good person
  3. Strive for greatness: legal, economic, and moral

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